It Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil Review

If someone were to have told me in my teenage years how important eyebrows would be the rest of my life, I’d probably still have a lot more of them! I was definitely part of the tweezer happy club throughout the early 2000’s and boy, oh boy am I glad that trend is over. Getting my eyebrows to grow back has been one of the biggest struggles! Between my DIY serum, my at-home eyebrow tinting routine, and this It Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil I’m finally starting to know what a good brow day feels like.

When you look at this pencil, it kinda just looks like any other eyebrow pencil there is on the market right now. The packaging is very simple and sleek, and I love that about it. It comes with .16 g of product and retails for $24. They also offer a travel size of this pencil, which comes with .07 g for $12. It is double-ended with a spoolie on one side of it and it’s actually a really nice spoolie. It’s the perfect density between being too soft and too stiff. The pencil itself has an oval shape, which is something I’ve never seen in any other pencil. I like that aspect of it because you can turn it in two directions, depending on how much area you need to cover.
Aside from its unique applicator shape, this product has many features about it that aren’t advertised as much as I think they should be. This eyebrow pencil was actually created with plastic surgeons to make the most natural looking, most universal product possible. It has a really impressive ingredients list too! Infused with biotin, saw palmetto, nettle, green tea, antioxidants, grape seed, and vitamins A, B5, C, and E it not only makes you look good, but it takes care of you as well. Biotin, especially!

One thing about this product that makes it almost confusing is that it claims to be universal, meaning it will work for all skin tones and hair color. While it is an absolutely beautiful match for me, I’d love to see it on someone with red hair. Blondes and brunettes can use it pretty easily by adjusting the pressure used during application.
I had the travel size of this a long time ago and it lasted me much longer than I thought it would, I can only imagine how far I’ll be able to make it with this full size. But I also have a backup ready to go. Cuz, you know, just in case. It’s not the creamiest formula in the world, which is nice because you don’t have to worry about applying too much or breaking it off. I’ve never had a problem with this wearing off through the day and even with my thin brows, it fills in everything beautifully. They market this as a “your brows but better” type of product and I completely agree with that. I’d highly recommend trying this out if you haven’t yet!

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