Crown Brush Glam Metals Tutorial

Even with as much as I love makeup and with as much as I just sit around playing with it, I still get the occasional product that leaves me completely stumped. The Crown Brush Glam Metals eyeshadow palette left me feeling just that. I looked at it, the colors it included and scratched my head trying to figure out where to even start. It’s clearly not a palette that can be used on its own, but I couldn’t even think about what shades to properly pair together. I finally sat down with this palette, and all the other products from my January Boxycharm, and started putting a look together. It actually turned out pretty good!

This post will specifically be showing the products in action, so go ahead and check out Monday’s review post of this palette if you haven’t already for all the information about the quality, wear time, shade selection, and other important details.

Most of these are pretty pigmented eyeshadows and you could totally just start applying them over some concealer and powder, but I decided to add a primer just to intensify them even more. The primer I used was the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in the shade Beige Luster. I love the formula of those Eye Chromes and that shade in particular is perfect for the colors in this palette.
Thankfully, they do have a mid-range brown in this palette. I would’ve liked this particular shade to be matte, but it is only a satin finish which is better than a shimmer. I applied Glam Rock over the entire outer half of my eye and into the crease with a fluffy blending brush. When you’re using colors that aren’t nudes, you always want to lay a brown or tan down first. It really helps to tie everything together.
Taking the shade called Wild Thing, I’m applying that in the same area we just applied Glam Rock. Except this time I’m using a slightly more dense blending brush to pack on the color just a little bit more. This one also has a satin finish, so you don’t have to worry about things getting too shimmery just yet. Once I built up the color to what I wanted, I went in with another empty fluffy brush to blend everything even more.
Next I’m taking the shade called The Wicked on an angled shader brush and placing that color in a sideways “V” shape on the outer corner of the eye. You could also skip this step, depending on how intense of a look you’re wanting to create. This step just helps to add some more definition and make the center of the eye appear bigger. Again, make sure to blend this shade with an empty blending brush. Harsh shadow lines are never a good look...unless you’re going for a cut crease, of course.
This is where things got a little crazy. I knew I wanted to use as many colors as possible, while somehow still making everything match together. I applied the shade Rock On only to the center of my lid with my finger. It was a little too dark and brown for what I was looking for, so I layered a little bit of Rebel directly on top of it. That created a really cool mixture. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what I was looking for, but I liked it. So, moving on!
Pop Rock is in the very bottom corner of the palette and it seems to be the brightest shade available. The placement seems a little odd compared to typical layouts of other palettes, which caused me to pause for a second before deciding what color to use. I applied this to the inner corner of the eyelid, the only space that was left. I packed on the color with my finger first and then blended it out with a small shader brush.
I use this shade in every tutorial ever, but I’m especially excited to finally get to this step in this look because it’s darker than what I’m typically used to seeing on myself. Taking Ulta’s Naked single eyeshadow, I applied that to the very inner corner of my eye. It brightened everything up immediately and I could finally see everything starting to come together.
For eyeliner, I applied the Hikari Retractable pencil eyeliner in the shade Raven halfway along both my upper and lower lashline. Then I traced over it with the shade Black Metal in the palette with an angled eyeliner brush. This is a pretty sad black shade when it’s used on its own, but looks a lot more intense when layered over an eyeliner. Using this eyeliner trick also creates a softer line that will last longer throughout the day.
I added three coats of mascara and then the look’s complete! Right now, I’m really enjoying the Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint mascara. It adds the perfect amount of length and volume for me to be satisfied enough without having to reach for another mascara to pair it with. Stay tuned for a full review of it coming up next Monday!
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
I actually really like the way this look came out. I was so stumped at the beginning, but ended up creating something that I will most likely do again in the future. It’s so funny the color combination that I chose because I created this look the day before Mardi Gras and that’s exactly what these colors looked like in person: purple, green, and gold. It was perfect timing!

From my January Boxycharm, I also used the Dr. Brandt Luminizer primer on my face, all three shades in the Pür Cosmetics Bronze & Brighten cheek palette, the It Cosmetics Eyebrow pencil, and the Girlactik Matte Lip Paint in the shade Posh. I love challenging myself to use all the products in each of my Boxycharms to see what kind of look they can create together and this has to be the one with the most complimenting products. Stay tuned for Friday’s post for February’s Unboxing with all new products!!

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