Easy Bandana Hairstyles

I’m always behind on trends! Always. Like, it took me years (22, to be exact) to even accept myself wearing a baseball hat. It doesn’t get any more simple than a baseball hat, so I’m not at all surprised with how long it took me to try a bandana. I really hate doing my hair and I have almost zero creativity when thinking about what to do with it. I have about three styles I switch between and that’s it. I’ve been trying to use as little heat (and products) on my hair as possible, which has made for some perfect bandana styles.

All three of these styles are super easy and quick to do. For the first style, I just took my hair as it was and tied a wrapped bandana around my head. You could totally leave the ends out, but I decided to tuck them in for a more sleek look. This could be done on natural hair without styling, second day hair, or with curled hair as shown below. It’s also great if you want to wear your hair down on windy days to tame the flyaways, or frizz if you live in a humid area like me.
The second style is just as easy. I just pulled my hair back in a ponytail and wrapped the bandana around to add a little extra color to my look. The bandana could also double as a hair tie if you don’t have one on hand. There’s all sorts of different ways you could tie the bandana around, but I just wrapped it and left the ends hanging out to look like a bow.
The last style is really what started it all for me. I picked up my first bandana for $1 at Walmart and randomly tied it around my head one night, just for fun. Then I realized it was actually kinda cute and kept adding more bandanas to my collection. My hair stays in a messy bun about 90% of the time, and the bandana is great for keeping the shorter hairs from tickling my ears and neck.
I’m so surprised at myself with how much I’m enjoying trying all these bandana hairstyles. It’s never something I thought I’d ever bring into the rotation, but right now I think it’s so much fun. I could spend all day on my makeup, I just have zero patience when it comes to my hair. Being able to add something fun to my look within a matter of minutes has been wonderful. And for $1 a piece, it doesn’t get much better!!

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