Easy Summer Makeup

With all the fun things there are to do during Summer, there’s not much time to waste doing anything else. Add in the heat and humidity and there’s really not much point in doing any makeup at all. But if you’re like me, you kinda just can’t help yourself. I love letting my skin breathe, but I also love playing with makeup and getting ready. With the right palette to use for multitasking, you can have the best of both worlds!

The palette I’ve really been enjoying lately is the Pür Cosmetics Sculptor face palette. I got this in my Boxycharm last month (along with a few other items I’ll mention in this tutorial) and it has been a wonderful addition to my Summer routine. Aside from highlighting and contouring, this palette screams eyeshadow to me. I love using shades like this on my eyes and since there’s only four to choose from, it should make it super quick.

I started by priming my eyes, which is something that’s extremely important especially during the hotter months. Then I took the lighter of the two contour shades, Inventor, and placed that slightly in my crease and outer corner.  
After I blended in Inventor, I took the dark contour shade called Founder and placed that on the outer corner/outer half of my eye. These powders are extremely intense! So even though I always recommend tapping off any excess product and building in small layers with all your makeup looks, I extra recommend it when using this palette.
I placed the shade called Trailblazer on the inner half of my eye with my finger. Not only does using my finger allow for more intense and faster application, it also prevents having any product fall onto the cheeks.
Trailblazer wasn’t as bright as I was hoping for it to be, so I went back in with the Originator shade and placed that directly on top of it focusing most of the pigmentation on the inner corner of the eye. Again, I applied it with my finger first and then blended everything with a small shader brush to soften the edges.
You could totally stop there for a light daytime look, but I brought in two other products from last month’s Boxycharm to show them in action. I used the Aesthetica angled eyeliner brush to apply the Pretty Vulgar Ink gel liner. Neither of these are my favorite products, but they are workable. After liner, I finished up by curling my lashes and adding a few coats of mascara.
To finish my face makeup, I went back into the Sculptor palette and used the Originator shade as my highlight. I applied the Founder shade as my bronzer with the Aesthetica P12 face brush. This isn’t my favorite brush for applying bronzer, I think it’s better for blending it out afterwards. I also have to be really light-handed when using these bronzers because it can go overboard real quick -- speaking from experience.
As far as my base face products, I switch it up every day depending on my plans for the day and how my skin is behaving. If I can find the opportunity, I’ll try to get away with just using concealer and skipping everything else. Those days are the best! Other products I used on my face from May’s Boxycharm are the Cover FX Blurring primer and the HAN Skin Care Cosmetics Lip Gloss in the shade Nude Rose. I love both of those products also and have been including them in my daily routine quite a bit lately.

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