Neutrogena Eyeshadow Review

A few months back, I tried a bunch of Neutrogena products that I’ve never used before. Neutrogena isn’t a brand that I’ve paid much attention to in the past and when I think about why, I believe it’s because they seem to be one of the more pricier brands at the drugstore. I wasn’t willing to invest much time or money in trying their products when there were other, more affordable options available. But much to my surprise, I actually loved a lot of the products that I tested. However, eyeshadow is my favorite and I have a whole different set of (higher) standards when it comes to how I need it to perform.

This particular eyeshadow quad is from their Nourishing Long Wear Eyeshadow line that claims to have a built in primer in the formula. These typically retail for $10 a piece, which isn’t too bad considering some other products that they offer. It is set in plastic packaging with a clear lid. Obviously, there is no mirror provided but they do include a sponge tip applicator.

The built-in primer formula is supposed to prevent creasing and smudging to provide a beautiful color that will last up to 12 hours. They also claim that these eyeshadows are infused with vitamins and other skin-nourishing ingredients to condition the delicate eye area.
There are six shade combinations available and the one that I have is called Mink Brown. A few of their quads do look very similar when comparing shades and that’s one thing I think they could’ve improved on. All of the eyeshadows in this palette have some type of shimmer or satin finish, there is no true matte option available.

As you can see in the swatch picture below, these eyeshadows aren’t the most pigmented. They do have a somewhat smooth texture but they can still be powdery at times, as you can see in the second shade in the swatch. Another thing I immediately noticed is that the darker three shades all look very similar because there isn’t enough pigmentation. It is possible to build these up on the eye, but it takes a lot of work!
I did always apply these eyeshadows with a separate primer underneath because the swatches weren’t very promising as far as how much color would show up on my lid. It is possible to get a very light look out of this palette, but don’t expect many different combinations. There’s only a few ways these shadows can be combined and because they’re so light in pigmentation, the looks tend to all appear the same. If the shades would swatch closer to what they appear in the pan, I think they’d have a great product to offer.

However, I did hand this one off to my sister and she uses it very frequently. She’s not as makeup obsessed as I am and has much lower standards as far as what she needs for her daily routine. Thankfully she’s preventing this palette from going to waste in my collection!

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I think I only wore this color once last year, which I actually find a little hard to believe. It’s so pretty to me right now! This is from Kandee Johnson’s collaboration with Sinful Colors, which is unfortunately no longer available. The shade is called Flip Tease and it’s a light baby blue with just a small amount of shimmer in it. You can't feel any chunks of glitter and I really appreciate the different colors that the shimmer picks up. It reminds me of spending time by the pool!
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