How to Fix a Broken Nail

I must have some serious kind of curse following me around because I am so prone to breaking my nails. It’s always my toenails, though, which is pretty weird. Every time it happens, I tend to just stare at it in shock (if I’m not sobbing crying) before I can think of what to do. I knew there must be some way to fix it or take care of it until it’s able to heal, I just didn’t know what. Recently, I broke two toenails within a matter of ten days so I had to find a solution.

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is clean the area as much as you can before doing anything else. My first reaction is to cut off as much nail as possible to prevent it snagging on anything and getting worse. Band-aids were always what I used to use, but even those made me a little nervous. Thankfully, I came across this hack and had everything I needed already at home.

So here’s what you do: take a base coat and apply it to the area as best as possible. Let it dry a little bit to get slightly tacky, but don’t let it dry completely. Then tear a small piece of a coffee filter to fit the size of your nail and place that on top of the base coat. Let that sit in place long enough to set and then apply a few layers of a top coat over it. I started with two coats and added a third so I really couldn’t feel the nail sticking up.
Warning! The below picture does contain the “before” photo, so you might want to glance away if it’s too gross to look at. I didn’t like the color of my nail polish that I was wearing either, so it makes looking at these photos that much more difficult. But I think the difference from before and after is so amazing.

In the before photo, the nail was split in half and it was sticking up quite a bit. After adding the piece of coffee filter and the three layers of top coat, it was completely smooth. This method is amazing because once it’s done, you don’t have to tend to it anymore. You could even add some colored nail polish on top if you wanted to conceal it even more.
As my nail continued to grow for the next few weeks, the split part of it eventually broke through the “cast” and I had to trim the nail. Thankfully, it had grown out enough that when I cut it, there was no more blood or any pain. I can’t believe how well this works and I’m so happy I finally found this solution! Obviously this could work on the hands too, and I definitely recommend you try it out next time you’ve broken a nail. This trick is seriously a lifesaver for me!

Sidenote: I definitely don't recommend this green nail polish. It's called High Strung by Sinful Colors and it stained all of my nails after removing it. Just FYI...

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