Beauty Product Fails #9

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everything worked the way it was supposed to? Unfortunately that’s just not how it is, and beauty products are no exception. With as inflated as the cosmetics industry is right now, there is absolutely no reason to use a product that isn’t completely perfect. And those that are not, end up in a fails post. I understand how overwhelming it can be to shop for beauty products without truly knowing which will perform correctly. Hopefully this series can help save you some money and give you some insight on what products to avoid.

The first of the five fails products I’ll be sharing in this post is by Pür Cosmetics. This is their Midnight Masquerade palette. Normally I really like most of the products I try from this brand, but this was a huge miss. The eyeshadows weren’t nearly as pigmented as what they usually produce, and the face colors were just all wrong.

Every single shade in this palette is shimmery, with the exception of one eyeshadow. I’m sorry, but I do not want my bronzer to have any shimmer in it. And what exactly am I supposed to do with that purple blush?? The only shade that’s actually wearable in this palette is the highlight. Other than that, it’s just a waste. I understand they wanted to make a more dramatic product and that’s something I can appreciate, but there were so many better ways to do it than this.
Another palette that I don’t think is worth the money is the Wander Beauty Wanderess Dusk to Dawn face palette. This isn’t necessarily a complete dud, like the Pür Cosmetics palette, it’s more of a fail because of all the wasted space. All that extra space, along with the extremely small pan size, makes this palette look like it’s from a child’s play set. The blushes are nicely pigmented, but I could barely fit a brush in it to pick up enough product for such a large area of the face. Who thought that was a good idea??
I’m actually really sad looking at this next product. I thought I was going to absolutely loveee the Cover FX glitter drops. This Nova shade is exactly the color that I’m obsessed with and I was expecting to have so many uses for it. Unfortunately, I only have one. I’ve tried it on my eyes, my face, my lips, hoping to find a way for it to work.

It barely showed up on my eyes at all, even when layered over top of other shimmers. It was way too shimmery for the body. There was too much chunky glitter to be able to use it as a highlight. The only time it actually made a difference was on my lips. When I layered it on top of a liquid lipstick, it did look really pretty. It’s also really gorgeous to look at in a swatch. Other than that, there’s not any other reason for it.
This next one might just be a fail for me. There’s nothing wrong with the Bodyography lip liner in the shade Heatherberry. It’s not the smoothest or most creamy formula, but it’s also in a traditional pencil and that’s not exactly what those liners are known for. The reason I’m including it in this post is because I could not see where I applied this on my lips, no matter how hard I tried.

As you can see in the swatch, the color is stunning. I’d love to wear this on my nails, or even as an eyeshadow. I just can’t wear this on my lips because it’s almost identical to the natural tone of my lips. It could still work as an invisible lip liner to keep product in place, but that’s not a problem I ever have so I just think it’s pointless.
The last fail product I’ll share (for now) is the Revlon Precision Dark Lash Adhesive. This was the first lash glue I ever bought when I began practicing with false lashes. Not only did I not like it because of its dark black color, it also made my eyes water constantly. I should’ve realized a clear lash glue would be better for practice, so that’s my own fault. I’m not sure if it’s the latex in this product, but my eyes were definitely sensitive to one of the ingredients. After switching to a clear, latex free glue (from KISS) I haven’t had any issues.
The next time you use a beauty product that’s not making you completely satisfied, don’t hesitate to return it and try something else. There’s so many products available that you’re bound to find something that meets all of your expectations. My lash glue experience is a perfect example of that!

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~Mani Monday~
Valentine’s Day is only three more days away, so you know I had to do something festive on my nails. I thought about trying some kind of design, but that’s just too much work and I’m not that talented at nail art. So instead I chose to go with a solid color. The polish I picked is Damsel by Julie G. This is such a beautiful classic pink and if you work in thicker coats, it’s opaque enough that it could be done in one swipe.
What’s on your nails this week?

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