Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume I Tutorial

Tarte isn’t a brand that I’ve tried much from, although they’ve always had my attention with their adorable packaging and innovative product releases. I remember being impressed by the products of theirs that I have tried in the past, including the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II eyeshadow palette. I featured that palette in a tutorial a long while ago and now it’s time for a tutorial with Volume I.

Just like in my previous tutorial with the Volume II palette, I’ll be following along with the provided notecard that comes with the palette. There are two look options and I decided to go with the one titled “Deep Sea Dusk” which is a little bit more smokey than my usual neutral bronze eye that I love.

Before we get started, the first thing that needs to be done is to apply an eyeshadow primer. I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in the shade Beige Luster, which is one of my favorites and the perfect base for the colors I’ll be layering over top of it.
Once the primer has dried, the first step according to the notecard is to apply Wave all over the lid. The formula of these eyeshadows is incredibly creamy and sometimes works better when applied onto the skin with the finger. After I patted the color all over the lid, I blended it slightly into the crease with a small shader brush to blur the edges.
The next step is to blend Cove into the crease. This has to be my favorite part of the look! I’m not completely certain that I would’ve paired these two colors together on my own, but I love how well the brown tones of Cove compliment the unique slate shades in Wave. This one isn’t as pigmented as Wave, though, and did take a few layers to build up the color enough to be noticed.
Seashell is a light pink shade and will help create a gradient between the shadows. I applied it to the inner part of my eyelid, again patting it in with my finger first and then blending with a shader brush. The notecard suggests to apply this to the “inner corner for a soft highlight.” I’m still not sure if they meant the inner corner of the eye or the eyelid, but this shade definitely won’t be highlighting or adding any dimension to the look if applied to the inner corner.
In order to get that inner corner highlight that I’m looking for, I used Sand which is a matte cream shade. I applied it with a small smudge brush, as well as underneath my brow bone as directed by the notecard. I would’ve liked this shade to be a little more bright and pigmented than it is, but it still works.
Now I’m taking the darkest shade in the palette, Abyss, on a separate smudge brush and placing that color in the outer corner in a slight sideways “V” shape. I also smudged it slightly along the lash line before taking an empty, loose-bristled blending brush to soften the look.  
For eyeliner, the notecard suggests using the Abyss shade again. That is the eyeliner color that I would've chosen on my own, but I’m also adding in a pencil eyeliner first. This will help intensify and darken Abyss to make it stand out even more, along with extending its wear time. The pencil liner that I used was Pixi’s Endless Silky Eye Pen in the shade MatteMulberry. It’s such a smooth formula and the perfect shade match for Abyss.
Also on the lower lashline and following the notecard’s instructions, I’m going back into Wave and blending that gently under the lower lashes. Because this shade is a little dark and shimmery, I made sure to not go too heavy in order to keep the look more balanced from top to bottom.
They also recommended finishing the look by tightlining both the upper and lower lash lines, along with the inner rim of the eye, but I don’t like doing that with my contacts so I’m jumping straight to mascara. The one I’m using here is the It Cosmetics Superhero mascara. It’s not my absolute favorite, as you might remember from my full review, but it does create a more dramatic effect which is what I was looking for.
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
The other products I used from my January Boxycharm are the Billion Dollar Brows Universal brow pencil and the Ofra Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in the shade Miami Fever. This isn’t necessarily the lip color I’d choose to go with this look, but I think they might have changed the formula a little bit because this is much more comfortable than other lippies I’ve had from them.

This was a totally different look than what I would typically do on myself, with a totally different application technique than anything I’ve done before. Wave is one of the most unique shades I’ve ever seen and I really ended up loving how it paired with all the shades in this look. It’s definitely something I’d wear again and has given me a new method to use with other products also.

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Have you tried this palette before? What are some of your favorite color combinations with it?
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