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There’s only been a few products that I’ve tried from Physicians Formula in the past. They’re not usually the first brand I run to, but when Casey Holmes announced her collaboration with them I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I have to be the last person in the world who hasn’t tried their butter bronzer and this was finally the perfect excuse!

Today’s post will only be featuring this collection in a tutorial, but keep an eye out for my full review coming this Friday with all the swatches. I’m starting with my favorite Milani eyeshadow primer. This is great for oily lids and the perfect base for the matte shades we’ll be working with. For best results, pat this into the eyes and avoid rubbing.
Once the primer is set, I went in with the shade called No Filter on a loose-bristled blending brush. All of these eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented, so you’ll definitely want to tap off the excess and go in with a light hand. It’s easier to build up in light layers rather than creating too harsh of color and trying to blend it out.
Then I took the shade called Tropic Like It’s Hot (hilarious!) and placed that on the outer half of my eye with a slightly more dense blending brush. This shade can go a little too red if you’re not careful, so stay mindful of how pigmented these shadows are. It’s also a good idea to go in with a empty blending brush to clean up each step before moving on.
Now I combined the bronzer and the No Filter shade to create a softer gradient in the crease. I’m actually taking these colors on a smaller brush and blending it very slightly up onto the brow bone. This technique will help the eyelids appear bigger, as if there’s more space in that area than what there might actually be.
The matte cream shade, Do Not Disturb, will go on the inner half of the eye. I love that this shade is as pigmented as it is because I love an entirely matte eyelid. This shade will also act as a highlight underneath the brow and on the very inner corner. I wanted to bring in the highlighter shade for one of these areas, but we’ll get into that in the full review on Friday. Just trust me when I say it won’t work!
I’d be totally fine with leaving the look at this but for the tutorial, I couldn’t not use the green that’s included. I took Palms Palms and lightly smudged that about halfway along the lower lashline. This is a shimmery shade, which I was initially worried about, but it actually looks really good applied in this way.
Eggplant is one of my favorite color eyeliners to use and I thought it’d go perfectly with the shades on the eye. I took Pixi’s Endless Silky Eye Pen in the shade MatteMulberry and placed halfway along both the upper and lower lashes. Then I layered the L’oreal Infallible single eyeshadow in the shade Smoldering Plum directly on top of the pencil liner to soften the look and keep it in place longer.
Finishing up by curling my lashes and applying three coats of Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara. This is my favorite mascara! It makes the lashes pop in any eyelook, but it especially draws attention to them with the matte white background of that Do Not Disturb shade.
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide for easy reference:
To finish up the face makeup, I used the blush and bronzer combo provided in the palette. The bronzer is gorgeous, but the blush is a little too shimmery so I definitely didn’t need to add any highlight on top of it. I used the included Lip Butter in the shade Pop the Bubbly on my lips, and of course spritzed a spray or two of that delicious perfume.
The lips are a little more metallic than what I would like to see, but I really liked the way everything else turned out. I was able to take down some of the shimmer in the blush after applying a setting powder. I kinda wish the eyeshadow quad and the perfume were available individually because those are definitely my two favorite parts!

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Have you used this palette before? What is your favorite thing about it?

~Mani Monday~
I visited my first Five Below store this weekend and of course I found my way to their beauty section to see what I could find. I ended up getting this L.A. Colors nail polish in the shade Tea Time. I’ve never tried anything from L.A. Colors before, but I’m really impressed with this polish. I love the color and the formula was very opaque!
What’s on your nails this week?

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