Black Friday Haul ~ 2016

I didn’t have any specific plans for this Black Friday. I usually just play things by ear and stop in whichever store I feel like. If the lines are too long when I walk in, I walk right back out and move along. I’m just not into that whole staying up late, getting up early, standing in lines for hours thing. Last year I did most of my Black Friday shopping online and I was loving life! I got some amazing deals and all in the comfort of my own cozy home. This year, I planned on doing the same thing. And I did. But I was really disappointed in the sales this year. I felt like a failure and barely got anything! In fact, I’ve even been seeing better deals more recently than I did on the actual Black Friday.

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I had planned on posting a Black Friday / Cyber Monday Haul just like I did last year. Even though the sales weren’t as good, I still picked up a few things that I can share with you. And I also wanted to see if anyone had the same experience as me. Let me know in the comments how your Black Friday went. Was yours a dud too or did you score some awesome deals?

American Eagle jeans are literally the only jeans I ever wear. They’ve always fit me the best over any others that I’ve tried, they last me a long time, and they’re almost always made out of super soft material. I saw that they were having a 40% off sale, so I was able to pick up a pair of tan pants. These are the Kick Boot style. I don’t own any tan pants that really fit me and figured it was time to add some other color to my bottoms selection that I currently have in my wardrobe.
I wasn’t shopping for an outfit specifically, so those bottoms don’t necessarily go with this top. I found this at Belk marked down for $14.99 compared to $30. I really need to step up my sweater game, but I’m super picky with textures so it’s always a struggle. I want everything to be soft or I won’t wear it. This one is superrr soft and I like that it has a sort of fake hood around the neck that can keep me warm.
My last purse was one that I found at Walmart back in February and I had been using it all year. I did switch to a different one for Fall, but I wasn’t in love with it. Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls are usually my favorite places to shop for purses and this is one I found at Ross for $25. It’s by Tommy Hilfiger and I love the colors of it. The handles are a little different than what I’m used to wearing, but I like the change and that it has a zipper over the top to protect all of its contents.
Hautelook always has good sales happening on their website and I check it pretty frequently. But because of shipping costs and time, I don’t usually purchase anything unless it’s a super amazing deal. Around Black Friday, Pür Cosmetics was featured on their site and I picked up their Glitz & Glam Eye and Cheek Palettes. Both of these were around $18 total. Those are my kind of colors and I’ve never tried any eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, or highlighters from this brand. I can’t wait for it to come in the mail!
I’m happy with the items that I got and I do think there were some good sales this year, but not as many that I wanted to take advantage of like last year. That could be a good thing though, right?! Maybe not considering I still have all of my Christmas shopping left to do! I hope you enjoyed this post and you better believe a review (and maybe a tutorial) will be in the future as soon as I get those two palettes! Have a beautiful day!! ♥


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