Living Proof Curl Defining Cream Review

When I finally moved past the stage of wanting stick straight hair and started embracing my natural curls, I didn’t want to touch a curling iron. Apparently that was too much work for me at the time, so I began searching for the best curling cream available. My goal was to find a cream that would enhance my natural curls without weighing my hair down or creating crunchy curls. That’s a lot harder than it sounds and to this day, I still don’t have a cream that I am absolutely in love with. I’ve always been curious about the Living Proof line and after trying so many others in the past, I figured why not?!
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The price is why not! For this 8 oz bottle of cream, it will cost you $28 at Ulta. The only thing I think is worth that much money is skincare or a makeup item that will last. But this is going on my hair and if used everyday will probably have to be repurchased fairly frequently. My mom is the one who actually bought this bottle, but after not liking it on herself she passed it on to me to see if there was anything I could do with it. Of course I wasn’t gonna say no and at first, I didn’t see what the problem was.
One thing that did immediately catch my eye was this weird residue that was left on the cap. I know product usually gets on caps regardless of what it is and that’s perfectly fine with me. What was weird about this one is that when I went to take it off, it literally peeled off like Elmer’s glue. If that’s what it looks like on the bottle when it dries, I don’t even want to think about what it’s doing on my hair after multiple uses. That really worries me!
The actual product smells really good, it didn’t have any weird or uncomfortable texture on my hands, and it seemed to dry perfectly fine. The problem came in when I blow dried it with my diffuser. It got very crunchy and left a dirty texture on my hair the entire day. I didn’t want to touch my hair while this was in it because it just felt like it would make knots the more I messed with it. All I could think about was how badly I wanted to wash my hair and get it off.

This obviously didn’t work out for my mom and unfortunately, I didn’t see many positives to it either. The price is totally not worth it and I was honestly expecting much more from such a high-end brand. I’ve reviewed two Marc Anthony Curl Creams previously and although those weren’t my absolute favorite, I would still recommend both of those over this one. Let me know in the comments if you’ve had any experiences with this curling cream or how Living Proof products have worked for you. Is there a curl cream that’s your favorite?


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