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Okay, story time! I got glasses when I was in the 3rd grade and I hated it!! I remember my first day wearing glasses to school (right in the middle of the school year), I had my mom walk me to the classroom and tell my teacher that I got glasses. Like that wasn’t obvious! At that age, kids can be pretty rough to changes and I was such a baby about what people would think. Growing up, I was always annoyed with my glasses and I wanted nothing more than to have contacts. I did eventually get contacts in 10th grade - right after I got my braces off, conveniently enough. But now I don’t mind glasses as much and wear whatever I feel like each day. It’s memories like those that make me thankful for how much self love comes with maturity.
I’m sure we all know how expensive glasses can be and although insurance is a beautiful thing, I’m still a little stuck because I’m high maintenance and want contacts too. So after searching for the best priced glasses I could find, I ended up on the GlassesUSA website. I thought I had heard of them before, but it was their prices that sucked me in. Just as an example before we get into all of this, I bought a pair of glasses and sunglasses on my first order for $200 after all their discounts! Do I have your attention yet??

Their site allows you to upload a photo to “try-on” glasses, which was a tremendous help! But you can go on their website and play around yourself, I want to focus on letting you know my experience. The first pair I got were the Corvallis Tortoise style. I love the way they look and fit my face. Anti-scratch and anti-glare are included in the lenses, but I also added a blue screen shield to this pair that is supposed to protect my eyes from the computer that I’m staring at all day. The one complaint I had with these was that the top of my nose started getting red after a while. I took them to a local eyeglass shop for what I thought was an easy fix...
To fix it from sitting on my nose was an easy fix, but when I left the store and got home I realized they had damaged my glasses. I obviously don’t know what they did since I wasn’t wearing my glasses and couldn’t see, but my local shop sprayed it with something that ended up melting the blue screen coating. You can see in the picture below what they look like now. Unfortunately, the local shop refuses that they did anything and won’t fix it. And since I was so excited purchasing these, I didn’t even see the option to purchase insurance on the GlassesUSA website. GlassesUSA does offer 100% money back within 14 days. Unfortunately for me, it had been 21 days and there was nothing I could do.
The sunglasses I ordered are the Dickenson Brown style and I just paired it with brown lenses. These are like my backup sunglasses since I do usually wear my contacts and other sunglasses more often, so I didn’t do a bunch of add-ons with these. They’re very comfortable to wear and I’m really happy with the frame shape on my face. It is a little disorientating switching between these and my other glasses during the day, but it’s manageable.
Since my other glasses were ruined, it was cheaper to buy an entire new pair from the GlassesUSA website than it would’ve been to just change the lenses in town for the Corvallis frame. This is the RayGL10 Brown style and they are the glasses I wear now when I don’t have contacts on. I kept the Corvallis as an emergency backup. Although I think these and the Corvallis are equally as cute, the RayGL10 style is much more comfortable. The Corvallis has a bigger nose piece that hugs the sides of my nose, whereas these just rest on top comfortably. The sides are definitely my favorite part!
Overall, I would definitely recommend checking out GlassesUSA if you are in the market. I mentioned them back in my October Favorites when I first got them and in that post, I mentioned that I had seen some negative things said about this company online. I’m not sure where all those claims came from or what the deal is, but based on both of my orders I can say I’m very happy. I wouldn’t recommend the blue shield coating just in case something happens and because it had quite the blue glare when light hit it, which wasn’t the cutest in pictures. But other than that, I don’t have any complaints. My orders showed up on time and I found their customer service to always be respectful.

Have you had any experience with ordering glasses online? Let me know in the comments!


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