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Decorating for different holidays is so much fun! It brings in the spirit to make the excitement last more than just one day. However, that doesn’t mean that I want to go spending a bunch of money on decorations that won’t stay up all year long. Besides trying to score whatever deals I can after the holiday season, I’m constantly searching for affordable decorations that still look cute. I’m not someone who likes a lot of clutter, so I also try to keep things simple to look as clean and organized as possible. I wanted to share a few Christmas decor ideas that I have found in case you’re like me and want to spend your money on more important home items...like furniture, or a billion gallons of paint ;)
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One of the easiest (and most traditional) Christmas decorations is garland. That stuff can go almost anywhere and make things look festive. I added some above our back door, complete with gold bows at the top of each little loop. Gold is my favorite, especially when it’s Christmas time but I think red bows would look just as cute with this too if that’s the theme you’re going with. I just used push pins at the top of the door to keep it all in place and that’s worked perfectly.
I found these little snowflakes at Walmart last year and they came in a pack of two for around $2 each. They’re definitely not the fanciest of decorations by any means, but I think they’re pretty precious. You could even take the strings off of them and do other things with the snowflakes. I just hung these in my laundry room and it’s a cute little thing to see on the walls every time I walk in there. Because I mean, it is the laundry room we’re talking about. That’s not necessarily my favorite room in the house to be in.
Target’s dollar section always pulls through with the cutest decorations no matter what time of year it is. And most of the time, it’s very high quality looking items. I very rarely ever walk in Target and don’t stop by to see what they have in that section. I saw this cute metal mailbox that was just $1 and immediately threw it in my basket. I kind of have a thing with mailboxes anyway, so this was such an exciting find. You can move the flag up and down, and both the front and back also open. Too cute!!
I have a few small ornaments that I used in centerpieces in past years, but I didn’t feel like making those little trays this year. I moved some of its contents to other areas of the house and put these ornaments scattered around a matching basket I have in one of the bathrooms. Don’t mind my silly, mix-matched samples I have sitting in there. I just loved the way the ornaments matched and I really like keeping the gold theme throughout the house.
This little section is one side of the fireplace. I have a matching fleur de lis and a gold Noel sign on the other side, but those were both gifts so I’m not sure where it came from or the price. The sleigh was a hand-me-down from my grandmother and I just filled it up with the same ornaments I placed in the bathroom along with some cinnamon scented pinecones.

What I really wanted to focus on here are the gold leaf stickers that I found in the Target dollar section last year. I left them up all year long because I was so obsessed with them. I also wanted to point out the cute little reindeer. This was actually an ornament that I picked up at the 99 Cents Only store a few years ago when I was living in California. It was also a part of the centerpiece trays, but I thought he looked cute placed next to the sleigh.  
I have a bunch of these little Christmas trees placed in different areas around the house. I found them at Walmart last year for around $2-3 each. I think they’re the ones that go on the little town displays, but they work perfectly well for this too. It’s a cute little addition to add on my desk that I can see every day. These are the only two sizes they had, but there were more variety on what the trees looked like such as more green, more snow, glitter, etc.
For outside decorations, I like to keep things very simple there also. We have white lights around the house, which is pretty affordable as well as a strand around the front window of the house. But for other decoration, I found these precious bows at the Dollar Tree. I got two and placed one on each light on either side of the garage. I like the little cluster it has in the center of the bow and since they were only $1, I won’t be heartbroken if they don’t make it through the whole season being outside.
The last thing I wanted to mention was a wreath. I haven’t had a wreath until this year and I was wanting one so bad. But this is one thing I was being pretty picky about. I wanted it to look simple, but not too simple because I also wanted some gold or red in there for a little color. A lot of wreaths I saw were way overpriced and right as I was about to give up and wait until next year, I found this one at Home Depot for $20. With all of the flowers, bows, berries, and pinecones I thought it would’ve been much more. It wasn’t on sale either, which is what was most surprising. We just hung it on our glass door with some command hooks and I’m absolutely obsessed with it.
I hope you found this helpful if you’re looking for some easy and affordable Christmas decorations. I’ll definitely be checking out the after Christmas sales to see what I can grab for next year. But I’m loving what I have right now and feel so blessed to be able to do so. I’d love to hear about your best Christmas decor buys! Do you have any DIY projects you like to do around the holidays? Let me know in the comments!


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