Purple & Gold Glitter Eyeshadow Tutorial

Glitter is something I haven’t really experimented too much with. When I saw the beautiful shimmers in the Ciaté Eye Lustre Crème Eyeshadow that came in last month’s Boxycharm, I couldn’t wait to start playing around. Liquid eyeshadow is also a pretty new concept to me. I’m so interested in all the different ways it can be used. My first instinct was to use it as an eyeshadow topper and really focus on the glitter aspect, which is exactly what we’re doing in this tutorial!

To start, I primed my eyelids using the Milani eyeshadow primer. I wanted a matte primer that wouldn’t add a lot of product on the eyes and this is one of my favorites. It’s one of the best drugstore eyeshadow primers available, especially if you have extremely oily skin like me.
The Ciaté crème eyeshadow was my focus point for this look. It seems to have a pinky purple appearance in the tube, but shows more gold glitter when swatched. So I decided to reach for the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty eyeshadow palette because it offers shades that will compliment those colors beautifully.

I first took the shade Soulful and placed that in my crease with a somewhat dense blending brush. This is one of my favorite crease colors because it’s so unique!
Then I took the shade called All Heart and packed that on the outer half of the eye, blending the excess up into the crease. This is another unique shade that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Once I have the amount of color on the eye that I want, I went in with a separate, empty loose-bristled blending brush to blur the edges.
Going back to the Soulful shade, I’m adding a little more of that in the middle of the lid where All Heart stops. This will help to create a better gradient between the colors. Again, I went in with a separate brush afterwards to keep everything blended.
I wanted to add a little more dimension of color on the eye, so I went in with the shade called Sunset and lightly blended that in the crease where the other colors stop. This will add more of a pink tone to go with the purple shades that we already have applied to match the liquid eyeshadow.
I didn’t want to put the liquid eyeshadow right on my eye without something behind it, so I applied the shade called Love over the rest of the inner half of my eyelid. This color was very close to my skin tone, so it did take a little bit of work to build it up. I packed it on with my finger first to get as much pigmentation possible and then blended it out in the crease with the Bodyography Pro Flat Shader brush.
Now it’s finally time for the glitter! The shade of the Ciaté Eye Lustre Crème Eyeshadow that I have is called Cupid. It’s packaged in a lipgloss type tube and a lot of product comes out on the wand. I thought the best way to apply it was to pick up some product off of the wand with my fingertip and tap it on my eyelid. That seemed to work pretty well and once it was dry, I went in with that same flat shader brush to brush off the excess glitter in the crease.
Now that the hard part is over and we’re almost done, it’s time to add the finishing touches. I’m taking the brightest white in the palette called Sheer Joy and placing that underneath my eyebrow and on the very inner corner of the eye. This will help add some extra dimension and brighten the whites of the eyes.
For eyeliner, I first used the Jordana Easyliner for Eyes in the shade Eggplant and placed that halfway along both my upper and lower lashes. That will act as a base to keep the eyeshadows in place. Then I mixed the shades Java and Iconic and packed that on top of the pencil liner with the Bodyography Pro Angled Eyeliner brush. This will add more drama and also soften the look of the harsh pencil liner.
This is definitely a look that I would recommend pairing with some falsies. However, I am so not a fake lashes kind of girl so I just curled my lashes and added three coats of Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara, which is my all-time favorite!
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide for easy reference:
To finish the face, I used the Alamar Cosmetics Colorete Blush Trio (shade Toasted) and the Steve Laurant lip gloss in the shade Posh. The blush color pairs perfectly with this eyeshadow combination and the lip gloss has one of the most comfortable formulas I’ve ever worn.
Although I do really like how this look turned out, there are a few things I probably would’ve changed. Instead of using the matte Love eyeshadow underneath the glitter, I think a shimmery shade like Ofra’s Rodeo Drive probably would’ve looked better. I’d also change out the lip color to a berry shade to better match the eyes.

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