Wet n Wild My Glamour Squad Tutorial

The new Wet n Wild product releases might be getting out of hand. They launched so much too close together, it’s almost impossible to keep up. One product I’ve really been loving lately is the new 10 pan eyeshadow palette called My Glamour Squad. I shared my full review of this palette last week with swatches and all of the quality details. This palette can offer a variety of different looks and in this tutorial, I’m sharing one of my favorite color combinations I’ve been wearing constantly.

To start, we need to prime the lids. Any primer will do, but I’m also using this tutorial as an opportunity to show some of my latest Boxycharm products in action. I applied the Nudestix Magnetic Luminous Eye Color pencil in the shade Copper Foil all over my lid. This formula is a little dry, so it’s best to blend it only on one eye at a time.
The eyeshadows in the palette don’t have names, so I’ll be referring to them by the numbers that are listed on the graphic on the back of the palette. Shade 1 will act as our transition shade. I’m applying that into the crease and slightly on the outer corner of the eye. This shadow is decently pigmented, but I’m making sure to be more careful with this step than normal because this primer really helps to intensify every color.
The combination of shades 8 and 9 are perfect for the outer half of the eye. You could definitely just use one or the other, but I love mixing these two tones together. I packed that on the outer half of the eye, blending the excess gently up into the crease. These two shades and the previous shade are colors I just can’t get enough of right now.
Taking a slightly more precise brush, I blended shade 4 in a sideways “V” shape on the outer corner of my eye. I focused most of the color on the lid, blending the excess up into the crease. This is a beautiful deep brown shade with a red undertone to tie all the warm shades together. Once the color was applied where I wanted, I went in with a separate, empty, loose-bristled blending brush to blur the edges as much as possible.
If you feel like you overlapped shade 1 with the other colors in the crease, it’s always a good idea to go back and add a little more. This will help create a better gradient between all the different colors. You could even use this on the blending brush in the previous step if you’re short on time.
With the yellow gold shade, number 3, I’m patting that right on the center of my eye with my finger. Applying it with my finger will help to intensify the color faster than using a brush. This is one of the more richly pigmented shimmers in the palette, so keep that in mind.
Now I’m applying shade 2 to the inner part of my eyelid that doesn’t have any color on it yet. I used my finger for this shade, as well, and then blended it out with a small shader brush. As you might remember in my full review, this is the only shadow in the palette that I wasn’t really happy with. This is exactly why. It didn’t matter how many layers I applied, the color barely showed up. Normally I’d just reach for a separate shimmer shade to do the job, but I really wanted to show this shadow’s performance in the tutorial.
I wasn’t really happy with the way the shadows were looking at this point, so I decided to pat on a little bit of the pink shade (number 6) right on the center of the lid. I’m not sure where I was trying to go with this. It did add a little more dimension to the look, but it wasn’t exactly what I was going for.
There is no matte cream shade in this palette to use as a highlight, but Wet n Wild does have an amazing single in their line already. Brulee has to be one of their most popular products and is what I used for the inner corner highlight in this look. This shadow is so versatile and one that should be a staple in every collection.
The black shadow in this palette is extremely pigmented, so that’s what I decided to use as my eyeliner. I applied it with an angled eyeliner brush halfway along both my upper and lower lashes. Using an eyeshadow as eyeliner will create a softer look and appear more seamless than a traditional pencil liner.
Finishing up by curling the lashes and applying three coats of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. This mascara is another Boxycharm product and I’ve really been enjoying it lately. I definitely understand all the hype behind it. Keep an eye out for a full review on that coming next week!
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
Other products that I used from my February Boxycharm are the Touch in Sol No Poreblem primer and the Pretty Vulgar Bronzed B bronzer in the shade Bronze Mannikin. Both of these have been very impressive lately. The mascara and bronzer even made it into my latest favorites post.
Although I wasn’t as happy with the shimmer shades as I would’ve liked, the warm-toned mattes on the outer half of the eye are some of my favorite eyeshadows ever. If I would’ve reached for one of my favorite shimmer shadows like Ofra’s Rodeo Drive or L’oreal’s Iced Latte, I think it would’ve been perfect!

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