March Favorites

It didn’t feel like it, but this month must have been pretty boring for me based on the minimal amount of favorites that I have to share. Either that, or I’ve been using all of my favorite products without really trying many new things. I think it might be a mixture of both. I only have eight items to share in this post, probably the most specific favorites I’ve ever done!

My first favorite is a perfume. It’s pretty rare that I ever include a body fragrance, but this one has been so enjoyable. This is the Butter Paradise perfume from the Physicians Formula x Casey Holmes collab palette. I don’t believe they’ve added this into their line to be purchased separately and I hope they do it soon. It’s more wearable and less artificial smelling than the other powder makeup products in their Butter Collection. It’s very strong, though. Two sprays is enough!
Last month I was so obsessed with my new Pretty Vulgar blush and bronzer combo that I had stopped using The Needs palette from the Makeup Revolution x Emily Edit collab. I’ve been bringing it back out again this month, especially for the eyeshadows. They’re my favorite colors to wear! I love the formula and how pigmented they are. This is what I reach for when I want a look done fast with minimal effort.
I’ve been making a point to use this Chella Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Cream more because I started worrying about it drying out. I still really don’t like the packaging of this because trying to get product on the brush is such a hassle. However, I’ve also realized that there’s never been a time when I’ve used this that I wasn’t completely satisfied with my brows. The color is perfect and I don’t typically set this formula with anything. If they put this in better packaging, it might just be my favorite brow product ever!
I recently got two new palettes from the Pixi Beauty Eye Reflection collection. The one I’ve been loving the most (and even featured in my latest tutorial) is called Natural Beauty. It has a good mixture of both mattes and shimmers, even though one of my shadows did come completely broken and another one needed repressing. I’m actually surprised with how much I’ve been enjoying the color selection. It’s much different from the warm tones that I’ve been obsessed with for the past year or so. This color selection is a little more neutral, almost borderline cool-tone, and looks so flattering on the eyes.   
The other eyeshadow palette I’ve been using the most this past month is the new Wet n Wild My Glamour Squad palette -- also featured in a recent tutorial. Although I do have to bring in a few other shadows to brighten the eyes, I really love the matte warm browns that it offers. The pigmentation is insane and Wet n Wild eyeshadows are super easy to blend.
This Pixi Black Lacquer Lash Primer has been sitting on my vanity for the longest time. I, honestly, kinda avoided using it because I didn’t think it was going to work. I was so wrong! This is definitely the best lash primer I’ve ever used. I love that it’s black because it’s less noticeable. I mean, this stuff is so good it even makes my lashes look perfectly fine without even adding any actual mascara on top.
The Maybelline Baby Lips are by far my favorite lip balm of all time. I’ve worn the shade Cherry Me since Baby Lips first came out, but it was just recently that I’ve been mixing it up with the Grape Vine shade. Cherry Me applies almost red before turning more pink. Grape Vine is a beautiful berry shade that can flatter any look. The scent can be a little sickening to me because it’s too much artificial grape, but I’m working at getting past that since the color is so beautiful and the formula is the most comfortable.
My last favorite for this month are these Kiss imPress Press On nails. I didn’t even think press on nails were still a thing anymore and I was definitely skeptical of how they were going to wear. I was blown away with how amazing these were. The fit was perfect, they looked and felt good as new after an entire 7 days, the style Yeah Boy was absolutely precious, they weren’t too long. The list goes on! For around $5, it’s definitely worth it and I can’t wait to try more designs.
I’m amazed at how little favorites I had to share in this post, but I guess I really have been using more of my favorite products. All of which have been mentioned multiple times previously, so I’m sure y’all get it by now. I like to stick to what works. Kinda like that lash primer, it’s definitely become a staple in my routine!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions about anything I mentioned, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments below. Have you tried any of these products before? What were some of your favorites for the month of March?
XO ♥ Christina ♥

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