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One of the best things about Spring, aside from sunshine and warmer weather, is all the bright colors that come with it. Pastels are some of my favorite and it’s so refreshing to see after all the gloomy Winter months. After trying the EMMA Beauty brand over the holiday season, I was pretty impressed overall. I recently received their new Spring Las Vegas collection and I almost drooled over this shade selection!!

There are two sets in this Las Vegas collection, the first is technically the March set. Each set includes six polishes and retails for $36, or $6 for each individual shade. This set can pretty much be broken down into three pastels and three vibrant bold colors. But the first thing I noticed was the finish. They all have a cream finish, which is my favorite!!
The first shade in this set is called D.J. or Buffet? and it has to be the most flattering banana cream color I’ve ever worn on my nails. I love yellow polish, but a lot of times it can make my skin look sickly. This one was perfect! The formula was very smooth and even though it was a little thin on the first coat, the second coat pulls it all together without leaving behind any brush streaks.
Speaking of brush streaks, this beautiful pastel green was one of the worst about that. The color is called Damn I Love Hoover Dam. While I absolutely love the shade, the formula was incredibly difficult to work with and I think the name is a little extreme. I get that it’s supposed to be kinda funny, but I don’t think the first part isn’t very classy or necessary at all.
Next is Golden Nights. It’s a very muted mauve that could almost be completely unnoticeable at first glance. I actually really love shades like that because they’re so soft and easy. The formula on this was one of my favorites and I love that the color can match with almost anything.
Red is another color I love to wear on my nails because it’s such a classic. This one is called Chips & Salsa. After testing the lighter pastels, I almost couldn’t believe the opacity on this one. It was so intense and could easily be finished in one coat. Based on my experience with the holiday collection, red seems to be a color this brand does very well.
Viva Las Vegas! is the bright bold purple in this set. It’s a true purple that doesn’t have any other undertones that could pull it in another direction. I didn’t have any formula issues with this color and while it’s not one that I would wear very often, I can see this coming in handy for some LSU football games come Fall season.
The last shade in this set is called Shake, Shake, Shake! which I automatically thought was in reference to the song. I could be totally wrong, though, and might be aging myself. Regardless of the name, this is a bright blue shade that is true to its color. This also applies effortlessly and would be so fun for a cruise or pool day.
The second set in the Las Vegas Collection is technically the April set. This one also includes a few pastel and vibrant bold shades, along with a gorgeous neon. All of the polishes in this set have a cream finish, which is such a refreshing change from all the shimmers, glitters, and satins that were included in the holiday collection.
The first shade in this set is called Eye Candy and it is a beautiful soft pastel orange. I have a few polishes in my collection that look very similar to this. It’s such a flattering color. However, I have a big issue with the formula on this polish. As with the pastels in the March set, this one is incredibly streaky and difficult to work with. If you like this shade, I’d recommend trying Orange Cream by Sinful Colors instead. It’s a very similar color with a much more effortless formula.
I loveee this neon pink! The color is called Lady Luck. I couldn’t wait to get this one on my nails and when I did, I couldn’t stop staring at it. This is such a fun, bright shade that will instantly lift your mood. The only problem is how quickly it chipped. I don’t know if it had something to do with how neon it is, but it looked like a mess. An update picture will be shown at the end of the post.
This soft lavender color is called Shop ‘Til I Drop. It’s softer than most of the other pastel lavenders that I have in my collection and can almost show off a light gray undertone if seen in the right lighting. Again, I did have some issues with the formula and it leaving visible brush streaks after two coats. With a shade as common as this, there’s really no room for error because other brands will do it better. Ahhmm, Sinful Colors - Candy Coated.
Spaaaa! was the first polish from this collection that I put on my nails. I don’t remember having many streaking issues with this one. The color is pretty unique to the rest of my collection and reminds me of a beautiful, clear Spring sky. It’s something a little different, but also super fun and wearable.
A color that’s not wearable is this V.I.P. For Free green shade. I have one from Sinful Colors called High Strung that looks almost identical to this color. I had to throw that one away because it stained my nails horribly and I’ve avoided wearing this polish for too long for the same reasons. But regardless of that, I also just don’t think it’s very flattering on the hands. It looks like I dipped my nails into Nickelodeon's slime bucket. Yuck!
The last color in this set is called Let’s Meet on Fremont St. I’ve never been to Las Vegas before, so this is one of those names that I don’t really understand. It’s a beautiful wine color that’s still deep, but not too dark to wear for Spring. The color is almost identical to a Wet n Wild polish I have that’s called Grape Minds Think Alike. This one did have a very good formula and lasted better than most of the others throughout the week.
Here’s the update picture for that beautiful Lady Luck polish. This is what my nails looked like at the end of the second day of wear. Keep in mind that I work from home and I’m very gentle with my nails. I’m not out doing a bunch of rough things with my hands. I wear gloves while doing dishes and all of those tricks to protect the manicure. Normally I wear a polish for seven days and chipping is not at all uncommon. But to have this much off of my nails within 48 hours is very disappointing, especially for a shade a pretty as this.
With this collection, I also received the Cuticle Zap and Drench Very Berry Cuticle Oil (both $6 each) to test out. I was really impressed with their base and top coats previously, so I was excited to try more of their treatments.

The Cuticle Zap has a much thicker consistency and includes ingredients like honey, Vitamin E, propolis extract, and D-Panthenol that work to soften and condition the cuticles. The Drench Very Berry Cuticle Oil has a thinner oil consistency and includes ingredients like shea butter, jojoba and argan oils, and Vitamins A & E that help to soften, restore, and hydrate the cuticles that will lead to strong, healthy nails.

I liked the thicker consistency of the Cuticle Zap, but I did feel like it was a little tacky after it dried. It felt like I had just rubbed aloe vera gel over my nails. The Drench Very Berry Cuticle Oil absorbed pretty quickly and didn’t leave behind any residue, but I personally didn’t like the scent. It smells like berry cough syrup, which actually made me a little nauseous.
Overall, I do think I was more happy with this Las Vegas collection just because all of the shades have a cream finish. However, there were a lot of formula inconsistencies so I wouldn’t say I’d recommend purchasing the entire collection. I’d steer clear of the pastels and just focus on the more opaque colors instead. There’s so many dupes I found in this collection that will perform better if you’re looking for pastels.

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