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I don’t know about y’all, but so far I think Spring is going great. Don’t get me wrong, my allergies are in full swing. But it’s amazing how refreshing, beautiful sunny days can totally turn your world around. With this newfound energy, I got inspired to play with a few bright eyeshadow colors that I wouldn’t normally reach for. A peachy pink look is exactly what I needed and I knew just which palette could make that happen!

Priming the eyelids should always be the first step in any makeup look you do. In this tutorial, I’m using the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in the shade Gilded Rose. I love this stuff so much, it’s almost time for me to repurchase. It’s incredibly rare for me to finish an eyeshadow primer, so that should definitely be a testament to how wonderful this stuff really is.
Even though this look is going to be focused around more pink shades, we still need to apply a brown in the crease to keep everything grounded. I’m using the shade Midwest in The Wants palette from the Makeup Revolution x Emily Edit collab. The shades in this palette are incredibly pigmented and easy to work with, so I knew it was exactly what I needed for this eyeshadow look.
Here comes the fun part! Dipping my brush into Cheer, I’m packing that right on the outer third of my lid. Packing the color on with a more dense brush will really intensify the pigmentation and keep it in place longer throughout the day. When working with brighter shades like this, it’s important they don’t muddy together.
It looks like a bit much right now, but adding a peach shade will help diffuse the color into a more wearable look. The shade Laughcry pairs perfectly with Cheer for this step. I’m using the same brush (wiped off on a washcloth) and buffing Laughcry right at the edge of where Cheer stops on the lid and in the crease. You’ll be able to see an immediate difference by adding this lighter shade. Once that’s applied, I lightly buffed an empty, loose bristled blending brush to blur the edges even more.
For the rest of the lid space, I applied the light shimmery Oh Heavens! shade. I patted this on with my finger first and then blended it up into the crease with a small shader brush. This is really this only color I’m a little disappointed with in this palette. I can get it to work, but it’s more muted than I expected and requires more work to show up than any other shade. If I weren’t trying to stay just in this palette for this tutorial, I would’ve reached for Makeup Geek’s Shimma Shimma. It has a very similar tone, but with more impact.
At this point, I thought some of the other shades had been blended over a little too much. So I went in and added just a tiny bit more of each shade to make them distinct enough on their designated spot on the eye.
To highlight the brow bone and the very inner corner of the eye, I chose to use The Cream shade. This shadow is super pigmented and contrasts beautifully with the shimmer shade on the lid. You could even switch out Oh Heavens! for this shade if you wanted to keep the lid completely matte.
I was happy with the way the eyes looked at this point, but I felt like it needed something else. I decided to take one of the dark purple shades and smudge that into a little baby wing on the outer corner of the eye. I started with Pi Phi and added a little bit of Family until I got the intensity I was looking for. Both of these shades are intensely pigmented, so I went in with an easy hand and worked in light layers to avoid making any mistakes.
Keeping with the purple that I used in the previous step, I decided to also apply a purple eyeliner. I used the Jordana Easyliner for Eyes in the shade Eggplant and topped it with the Passion shade from the Makeup Revolution x Emily Edit The Needs palette. The combination of these eyeliner shades with the purple wing create such a beautiful smokey eye effect.
All there’s left to do is curl the lashes and add some mascara. I used my favorite mascara, Benefit’s Roller Lash and decided to skip on falsies -- what else is new?? With a mascara this good, falsies aren’t even really needed anyway.
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
For the rest of my face, I’m wearing the bronzer and blush from The Needs palette. Although I do absolutely adore the blush in that palette, I realized after applying it that it was a little too warm for this eye look. I think something like Makeup Geek’s Puppy Love would’ve matched much better. On my lips, I’m wearing the Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in the shade Fresh Papaya.
Pink eyeshadows can be extremely tricky to work with, especially if you’re trying to keep it in a more wearable way that doesn’t look like you just played with neon highlighters or kid makeup. That’s one of the things The Wants palette is so wonderful for. It provides so many different color options, but in an incredibly wearable hue. For being such a neutral eyeshadow lover, this palette makes experimenting with colors so easy. It’s almost impossible to mess up!

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