Pixi Eye Reflection Palettes Review

Pixi just released a few new shade options for their Eye Reflection palettes and I have to tell you, they are amazing! I’ve come to realize that Pixi has one of my favorite eyeshadow formulas. All the eyeshadows that I’ve tried from their brand have been extremely high-quality with intense pigmentation and easy blendability. The palettes I have to review in this post are Reflex Light, which is a shimmer lover’s dream, and Natural Beauty, which has more neutral shades and some gorgeous multidimensional shimmers. Let’s get to it!

Both of these palettes come in very simple packaging. They have a see-through lid (so, no mirror) and they don’t include any applicators. There are shade names listed on the back of the palette, which is pretty typical of their brand. Each of these palettes includes 12 eyeshadows for $24 (making each shadow basically $2 each!) and they can be found at Target stores or on the Pixi website.

We’ll start with the one I’ve already been raving about, the Natural Beauty palette. I recently included it in a tutorial and in my monthly favorites. The Natural Beauty palette is definitely my favorite because it includes both matte eyeshadows and shimmers. Two of the eyeshadows came broken when this arrived in the mail. One was completely unfixable (Metal Mauve) and shattered all over the palette, but I was able to repress the other (Petal). The formula did come pretty close to new again after repressing, it’s just not as intense as it was before.
The shades shown from left to right in the swatch picture below are: Sheer Sand, Petal, Antique Rose, Rose Clay, Metallic Rose, Deep Taupe, Foiled Bronze, Soft Brown, Chocolate Brown, Cocoa Shimmer, and Bronze Gleam.

Sheer Sand, Rose Clay, Deep Taupe, Soft Brown, and Chocolate Brown are all matte. Metal Mauve was one of the multidimensional shimmers, along with Petal, Antique Rose, Metallic Rose, Foiled Bronze, and Bronze Gleam. Cocoa Shimmer seems to be the only one in the palette with a more glitter finish.

I am really happy with the matte to shimmer ratio in this palette and that it has everything in it that I would need to create an entire look from start to finish. The majority of this palette is very neutral, although it does have a few more warm and cool tone specific shades. Every shadow swatches and applies effortlessly. The texture is so smooth and the multidimensional shimmers are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. They’re gorgeous!!
The Reflex Light palette is full of nothing but shimmers. Normally I wouldn’t be a fan of a shimmer-only palette, but the formula on this one is so good and it has so many beautiful shades that I can bring in to compliment any other look. The shimmer factor and texture of the eyeshadows in this palette remind me a lot of the Dulce Candy Café Con Dulce palette from their collab together. I even thought there might be a dupe between the two, but they’re both completely original.
The shades shown from left to right in the swatch picture below are: Vanilla Glitz, Nude Lustre, Gold Foil, Pink Lustre, Vintage Gold, Brilliant Bronze, 3D Peach, Auburn Blaze, Copper Penny, Antique Bronze, Chestnut Glimmer, and Cocoa Glaze. One thing I love about Pixi are their shade names for products. They’re always so simple and perfectly describe the actual color.

All of these shadows are incredibly pigmented and have a very smooth texture. It’s the perfect consistency to provide an intense shimmer without being too buttery. Although it doesn’t have an almost wet-like texture, it is more creamy than other formulas and will crease faster especially if you have hooded or oily eyes. Nothing a little glitter glue and setting spray can’t fix!
Overall, I think these are beautiful palettes that offer a wonderful shade range in each paired with one of the best eyeshadow formulas available. Natural Beauty is definitely my favorite because the mattes provide more versatility, but I have been reaching into the Reflex Light palette quite a bit because I love a good shimmer on the inner half of the lid.

If you’ve been wondering about these palettes, or even about the Pixi eyeshadow formula in general, I’d definitely recommend it. I know they can get a little pricey considering they’re still “drugstore,” but the quality is amazing and better than some of the much more expensive palettes.

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Testing another color from the EMMA VSNP Las Vegas Collection. This shade is called Let’s Meet On Fremont St. It’s super opaque and I love the cream finish it has. This is two coats shown below, but if you work in thick layers you might even be able to get away with just one coat.
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